GIVEAWAY: Royal HANNEFORD Circus coming to Westchester County Center

GIVEAWAY: Royal HANNEFORD Circus coming to Westchester County Center





How is this for a Resume:   Dare Devil, Human Cannon Ball, Motorcycle Mayhem, Ringmaster and all before the age of 26!

That’s just part of the story of Saturn Garcia, The Ringmaster for The Royal Hanneford Circus, when the Circus comes to White Plains and The Westchester County Center President’s Day weekend.  Saturn, short for Saturnino, grew up in a Circus family and has entertained in Circuses as a Daredevil since his teen years. When he was 13, his parents gave him the choice to stay at home and lead a “normal life” or to join them on the road. He chose the road and is 100% happy with his decision which included home schooling while on the road 11 months and traveling 60,000 – 70,000 miles a year.

Saturn says, “The Circus life is an exciting one and a very stable life because the families are together all the time and help one another.  A few years back while performing with the Ringling Gold unit (a travelling unit of that Circus), Saturn auditioned for Ringmaster and was selected. This led to a couple of years of on and off Ringmaster duty- certainly tamer than being shot from a cannon! When asked about the demise of The Ringling Circus, Saturn says, “I was heartbroken but very happy to have had the opportunity to work for them.”

He says that he is happy to be part of The Royal Hanneford Circus and feels “the Hanneford Circus is a bit smaller version of Ringling, A traditional 3 Ring Circus, with all that goes with that, and a history that dates back centuries.”

Saturn says somewhere along the line, Ringling Brothers went corporate “while the Hanneford Circus has that intimate feeling of being family owned and operated.” This intimacy he says, is felt by the performers and the audience.” When asked what he likes about being Ringmaster Saturn says, “He loves to present and describe to the audience what they are about to see and describe the skill and dexterity the performers possess to be able to do what they do.”

Nellie Hanneford Poema and her husband Adrian are the owners and producers of The Royal Hanneford Circus. Each has grown up and performed in the Circus. Now their 4 talented children are in The Show and will be performing in White Plains. Catherine, Mariana, Adrian Jr and Tommy are focusing on continuing the Hanneford tradition!

The Royal Hanneford Circus presents:  A young Ringmaster, young and exciting performers, great music and costumes plus tigers, elephants and more for 3 Shows each day at the Westchester County Center.

The Royal Hanneford Circus is the only traditional 3 ring circus in the area this year. And, this year is the last year to see the elephants perform.

Tickets are $27.00 and $35.00 and are available at The Westchester County Center Box Office, Ticketmaster and   Saturn urges all parents to “Bring the family and enjoy two hours of great entertainment!”

Show times:

  • Saturday,     February  17   10AM – 2PM – 6PM
  • Sunday,       February  18   10AM – 2PM – 6PM
  • Monday,      February  19    10AM – 2PM –  6PM (President’s Day)

Place:    Westchester County Center White Plains, New York

Cost:     Regular Reserved Seats   $27

Premium Seats   $35

*Discounts for groups of 20 or more at 10AM & 6PM Shows only and only on the $27 tickets

Tickets available: The Westchester County Center Box Office Open: 10AM – 5PM Tuesday- Friday   (Saturday, Sunday and Monday closed except Show days)

TicketMaster: 800-745-3000 (additional fees apply)

Or online at    For more information call the County Center (914) 995-4050


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  • I loved going to see Ringling Brothers as a kid. I regret not taking my kids before they ended their run, so I would love to take them to a smaller circus.

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