Our Generation Dolls Review


Charlotte received a new doll to review, from Our Generation, to say she was excited would be an understatement. A new doll named Charlotte she was jumping up and down and kissing all over. She is not easy to please, most new things are awesome for a day or two and then back to old toys. Charlotte (the doll) has been going everyehere with us, having a carrying back pack makes it even easier.

This is her first experience with a bigger 18inch doll and one she can accessorize and dress like (Christmas is coming). Charlotte has hair to style, coming with a brush to help Char do hair. Coming soon to their website is  how-to videos to help with hair ideas for the our Generation Dolls.

She also received the cutest ballet flats for her doll. Again the carrying back pack has room to store all these accessories.  The extras you can also buy for the Our Generation Dolls are incredible, bikes, jeeps, salon chairs, horses and scooters, not to forget the endless clothing choices.


The awesome doll carrier, I love that it includes a window so the doll can see out while she is being carried, Our Generation really thinks of everything.  The straps are adjustable too.


Price point: Adorable!!! Our Generation Dolls are sold at Target stores, and Target.com. Average store/online price is $24.99  These dolls are great for all ages, Charlotte is almost 3.5 and rough on her dolls and Our Generation has held up.  The price points for accessories are great if she earns a reward and wants new accessories, they don’t break the bank.  Also their are books on the dolls to promote literacy.

Check them out online before or after you run to Target to get one today. Charlotte (the girl) rates Charlotte (the doll) with 2 thumbs up!




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