Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Gifts

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Gifts

Fisher Price has come out with what they call Smart Stages technology, and I got the chance to test out the Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair and the Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Laptop.  To really give these toys a try we invited some friends over for a play date and set the kids loose.  My 7 month old was obsessed with the Laugh & Learn Smart Stage Laptop.  She like most kids her age is fascinated with anything with a screen, so when she saw the lights on the laptop she went nuts for it.  I loved it for it’s lightweight, compact design, and it’s durability.  The top screen will fold back and flat when it is pushed on so you don’t have worry about hinges breaking.  The keys are large and easy to use with bright colors, numbers and shapes.  I highly recommend this toy and it will become one of my go to 1 year old gifts.  Oh and the absolute BEST part it comes with batteries!! These Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Gifts provided time for us parents to talk too!

While the Smart Stages Laugh & Learn Laptop was a hit with the baby, the toddlers were all over the Smart Stages Laugh & Learn Chair.  We actually had twins over who were duking it out over which one got to sit in it.  The chair has a cute flip book on one arm and a remote control on the other, which the kids were in love with.  There are several creative songs that the chair sings, that are so much better than the typical nursery rhymes, which even made the chair a new novelty for my 4 year old.  Who might I add has been dragging the chair around the house since our play date ended.  There was some simple (5 minutes max) assembly required for this toy and the batteries are not included, but the battery case is nicely hidden under the chair base so while it makes changing them a little bit of hassle you never have to worry about your kids breaking into them either.  They also loved how interactive the seat of the chair is and they had a blast lifting it up to hear something new each time.  This toy comes with thumbs up from both my kids and our guests, and I have a feeling it will be making an appearance under many Christmas trees this year.

Both of these toys featured the new Smart Stages technology from Fisher Price which I can say is one of the best new features I have seen on kid’s toys.  Here are a few great things about it:

1. It grows with your child.  Being able to set the level makes the toy developmentally appropriate for ages 1 and up.

2. It’s like a brand new toy with each level.  My 4 year old actually understood the idea behind the levels and has been changing the settings for my 7 month old, giving them lots of different versions of play.

3. It helps you guide your child’s development.  I have never taken a child development class or learned anything about how children learn, so a toy like this shows me what we should be talking about and games we can play at each age.

4. It’s easy to use.  Just slide a switch to select your age level.

5. It makes play much more interesting.  Who doesn’t want to be able to change things around and have something different to play with?


Vocalpoint provided me with two free Fisher-Price toys in exchange for an honest review. #gotitfree #RSVPplaydate

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