Family Movie Night with kidfresh & Ice Age Collision Course


img_2031Dinner time in my house is often a struggle/war/fight/argument- however you want to describe it.  This child doesn’t want to eat cheese, this one wants chicken. Through in weeknight activities and a husband that works night shifts I am beat.  KidFresh has changed that for me since I was first introduced a few years back.

KidFresh IceAge

Why I like KidFresh:

  • Hidden Veggies in Every Meal (my kids are not veggie eaters if just placed on plate)
  • BPA Free Tray + Green Packaging
  • Non- GMO Ingredients
  • No Artificial Flavors or Ingredients
  • No Synthetic Colors or Preservatives
  • Found in my local grocery store freezer



I can find something for both kids and in a variety of ways.  They have Single Serve, Sides + Snacks, Multi-Serve Meals and Value Pack Meals.  They are delicious for adults too.  I always have them in my freezer to “save the day”, as well as just have for scheduled dinners and snacks in the house.

Pairing up with Ice Age: Collision Course and their frozen meals makes a perfect movie night.  The kids decided to have Wagon Wheels Mac + Cheese (with carrots) and Rainbow Rice + Chicken (blend of carrots, peas and corn) while watching the movie, a weekend treat.  Other family favorites are the Totally Rockin’ Tots and Super Duper Chicken Nuggets.KidFresh IceAge

You can find kidfresh foods in your freezer aisle.


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