Eddie the Eagle Movie

Eddie the Eagle Movie

Have you seen Eddie the Eagle yet?  No? Get on that!  Weeks later my kids are still moving their arms as if they were an eagle flying.  Why? For  Eddie the Eagle of course! Eddie won the hearts of the fans in real life and now through two newer generations.  Moving your arms as if you’re flying became his symbol. His awkward dance after landing one of his jumps.image

Eddie the Eagle which is out now, is a great feel good family movie about the underdog- a boy who never gave up to a man who never stopped trying.  We attended a screening and interview hosted by The Moms: Denise Albert and Melissa Gerstein.  As a father now, Eddie says he just encourages his children to achieve their dreams.  image
Eddie Edwards (Egerton) resembled the real Eddie so much, great casting.  Bronson (Jackman) who played his coach in the movie was actually a fictional character collection of multiple people/coaches who helped him get to the Olympics.  image

This year we started snowboarding as a family, but in any sport encouragement and reminders to just try are needed.  My kids now have a reminder and role model for when things get tough, the hill is too steep and they think they need to give up.


What are some great sport role models movies you watch to add to our movie list

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