Curious George: Let’s Get Curious! Exhibit at Liberty Science Center

Curious George: Let’s Get Curious! Exhibit at Liberty Science Center

lets-get-curiousDid you know 75 years ago the famous monkey Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat made their debut. Crazy right?  You can come see the books to come to life at the Liberty Science Center currently through January 8th, 2017.

We had the fabulous opportunity to explore Liberty Science Center’s newest exhibit, Curious George, Let’s Get Curious! With kids ages 2 and 7, finding things that will keep them both entertained is somewhat hard.  As soon as we walked into the exhibit, they both took off!  There was something for every age group. Mom/family win!


14407801_10154534129446823_1749732718_oMy two year son loved playing with the wheels and pulleys to move Curious George up and down in his apartment building. While my 7 year old daughter enjoyed learning how the pulleys and wheels worked. Then we climbed up the fire escape and went inside his apartment to experiment with light, color and shadows. Both were e
ntertained. Jumping aboard the Space Rocket slide hat Curious George took on his Outdoor Space Adventure.

14453990_10154534132881823_623461696_oSections of Let’s Get Curious:

  • Sidewalk Produce Stand where my two year old explored shape sorting, weighing and counting with fruits and vegetables, while my 7 year old pretended to be a salesperson and I was the customer.
  • A visit to the Farm to explore cause and effect using high powered wind fans.
  • Visit the City Park, where he got to hug a full sized Curious George. Babies and toddlers will love this part of the exhibit, where they can crawl along and appreciate the parks busy wall activities.
  • Museum Within the Museum,  learn more about Curious George and the original manuscript’s daring escape from Europe during WWII.




Each section of the exhibit invites visitors (young and old!) to let their curiosity run wild, while teaching key concepts in science, math and engineering during play.

Other Attractions:

We stayed at the Science Center to explore all 4 floors of fun! My 7 year old daughters favorite part was the infinity climber, where she climbed, crawled and balanced her way through pathways 35 feet above the ground! She also loved the Touch Tunnel, where she had to navigate a twisting, turning pitch black tunnel, using her sense of touch.

My 2 year old loved the I-Explore section which is geared for kids ages 2-5. His favorite was the ball launcher, you put balls through an air cannon and watch them go on a journey through a two story maze.

Both of them enjoyed Our Hudson Home. While overlooking the beautiful Hudson River and Liberty State Park, my daughter got to make an estuary, showing her what happens when the river flows into the ocean. While she was busy doing this, my 2 year old was busy coming eye to eye with fish and sea turtles in the Harbor Tank.

Our last exhibit was Skyscraper!  We got to see what it takes to build and maintain the world’s largest buildings. My 7 year old attempted Walk the Steal. Where she walked on a narrow steel beam above the galley floor. There is no net, so like a real construction worker she had to wear a safety harness.14408171_10154534132831823_1811710279_o

Visit now through January 8th, 2017.  You can also meet Curious George in person at the Science Center. George will visit October 1, November 11, November 25, December 28, and December 29.

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Disclosure: We went apart of a blogger group to visit this exhibit. I was provided with vouchers for my visit.  All opinions are our own and as always honest. 

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  • My kids love this place!! We went last month and they can’t wait to go back. Tickets for a family of four add up quickly, so winning these would be awesome! Since Curious George is one of the few shows that both my two year old and six year old enjoy watching together, I am most excited to see that exhibit. My son really wants to go back to the infinity climber.

  • My kids love it there! My girls would love to see the Curious George exhibit. My oldest would love to do the climber again.

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