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Family Movie Night with kidfresh & Ice Age Collision Course

Dinner time in my house is often a struggle/war/fight/argument- however you want to describe it.  This child doesn’t want to eat cheese, this one wants chicken. Through in weeknight activities and a husband that works […]

The MOMS’ Back to School Event

Last week, I attended The MOMS’ Back to School Event to celebrate the cover story for New York Family which was on The Moms– Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Gerstein. I first met them in 2013 […]

Nellie’s Free Range Eggs

I learned something new, May is National EGG month, and June 3rd is National Egg Day. Did you know? My kids love eggs, as do I, and we can never have enough.  Right now my kids are […]

Kidfresh’s NEW Totally Rockin’ Tots

Kidfresh has new Totally Rockin’ Tots in Russet Potato & Cauliflower and Yukon Gold & Yellow Squash. Which was also voted 25 Best Frozen Foods for Families by PARENTS Magazine. Congrats!  We have been Kidfresh […]

Top 10 List: America’s Favorite Holiday Comfort Foods

It’s my favorite (and most delicious) time of the year!   Preparing holiday meals is an extremely important tradition in my family — it has been since I was a little girl. During the holiday […]

Stew Leonard’s #Back2Stews

Along with several other are blogging moms, we checked out Stew Leonard’s in Norwalk and behind the scenes.  Here in the Hudson Valley- Danbury and Yonkers are closer stores, and ones I frequent with the […]

Kids Eat FREE Rockland County

Who can turn down a FREE meal? I’ve got your list of restaurants in Rockland County that offer FREE meals to kids (with adult entree purchase) or a reduced menu price on kids meals.  Its […]

Hudson Valley Farmers’ Markets 2015

Enjoy the Apple Moms’ Hudson Valley Farmers’ Markets 2015 list! Check out the variety of seasonal produce, organic farm fresh produce along with baked goods and so much more!  I’m sure our list will be […]

Walkers Shortbread Mini Cookies Review

Walkers Shortbread Cookies are delicious and these packages are perfect size for treats for kids, a party you’re hosting or to bring as a gift for someone you are visiting.  The kids and I have […]

Recipes by Allens

With the holidays coming up I wanted to share a few recipes by Allens that are super easy to make!  Enjoy!      You can find Allens here: