Car Shopping and The Mom Mobile

Car Shopping and The Mom Mobile

I am excited to work on this sponsored post with this month.  

Those around me know all about my “Mom Mobile” and for the past six years thats been a Honda Pilot.   I am on my second a 2016 model currently.  Over the past 11.5 years of marriage we have had a number of new and used cars, also selling or trading in cars.  Car shopping and researching “mom-mobiles” and other vehicles is time consuming and we all want to know we are getting the best car out there when we do make the purchase, its an expensive buy too, so we want to be prepared makes that easy for us.

Trunk Space is a huge selling point. Our Trunk during a snowboard trip for 4.

Most areas have multiple dealerships, going into your first and only is not wise, especially on used cars but new also. can show you area dealerships inventory and prices.  This way you know where to go to for that exact model you are looking for.  You can also visit different dealerships to see who will give a better deal.  I have used this tactic, comparing and getting lowest price.  While shopping for my 2016 Pilot, I shopped for the best trade, one only wanted to give me 4,000 dollars and another offered 7,000 dollars.  Then the 7,000 dealership also came down 4,000 on price.  Best deal was found, even though my trade-in was bought from the first dealership with lower trade-in value, shop around.

Reviews are key.  People ask everywhere what car moms like the best on the Facebook groups I belong to regularly. offers reviews of the cars AND the dealerships, a true resource for car shopping.   We know all moms are busy, using saves time too.

After buying the car, keeping it clean is another thing. It is a family responsibility in our house.

What will you be car shopping for next?

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