Back to School with French Toast

Back to School with French Toast



It’s the end of August and that of course means, back to school shopping.  Sure retailers have been pushing it since, oh June, but for us last minute shoppers, it’s now or never.  My daughter is entering First Grade this year and beginning her second year in a uniform.  Last year for Kindergarten, her first year requiring a uniform, I diligently ordered her uniform before PreK had even ended and had them in early June. I ordered them from the vendor that measured the children in school and I ended up paying exorbitant shipping costs and received ill fitting uniforms for a pretty penny.  In this her second year of school, I didn’t order my uniforms until last week. Much like the second child treatment, I am less eager and more informed this time around.  I don’t feel compelled to order from the school’s suggested uniform vendor, because I know quality uniforms are available with less hassle and for less expense.

Enter my experience with French Toast.  As a uniform newb last year, I remember discussing the uniform sizing debacle and hassle of ordering uniforms with another Mom on the playground and she literally said “Nicole, save your money!  You can get French Toast at Sears.”  French Toast, I thought?  Once she explained she wasn’t talking about breakfast foods, I was so happy to learn about French Toast.  Allow me to share…

French Toast is a well known school uniform company.  In fact, French Toast is America’s leading brand of school uniform. Since 1985, they provided families with quality children’s wear and boys and girls school uniforms at great prices. Their selection of uniform styles runs from toddler size uniforms through young adult and French Toast carries over 6,000 individual colors, styles and sizes all year round.  As a parent of a uniform child, I really appreciate the year round aspect.  Mid way through the year with grow spurts and my kids love of dirt I am always replacing uniforms.  Here’s the best part, about French Toast in my opinion.  These pieces are durable!  They are even 50 wash tested.  I was super impressed with their “Iron Knee” pants.  They are reinforced from seam to seam, unlike most “reinforced knee pants” which are just patched.  Even my son, who rips through the knees on every pair of pants he owns is going to have a tough time with these!

But did you know they also make non uniform clothes?  I’ll admit, this was a surprise to me; but I was impressed with the pieces they had.  Think durable basics at reasonable prices!  Even durable and affordable dress up wear like the little ensemble below.


French Toast clothes and uniforms can be found at major retailers across the nation like Kohls, JC Penny, Target, Amazon, Walmart and more.  Also available at many local uniform shops (check the locator on the French Toast website for more.)  And of course, available on-line at

Finally, for our readers and last minute shoppers, French Toast is offering a discount!  Use code  APPLE to receive a 20% discount on your purchase from  FROM 9/4-9/11 ONLY You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Disclosure:  Apple Moms was invited to showroom as press and received free items but no other compensation was received.  As always all opinions are 100% my own and honest. 


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