Back-to-School Trends with #MOMTRENDSSCHOOL

Back-to-School Trends with #MOMTRENDSSCHOOL

Usually when school ends I immediately start shopping for Back-To-School.  It is one of my favorite things to shop for, even back when I was a kid, then as a teacher and now as a parent.  With our move happening I haven barely even started and August is here. Lucky for me I get an up close to the trends each summer at the Back-To-School with MomTrends.  Plus now I have new items to kick off my shopping quests, and more ideas of what to get thanks to the awesome companies who participated in the event.

OZERY BAKERY- Their morning rounds will make your mornings so much easier.  if our gift bags we brought home samples. The kids love them and with a further drive to school this September I am looking forward to breakfast make quick and simple, eat without or with jelly or butter.

Name Bubbles- Kids require everything to be labeled. This past year we came home in someone else pants when there is no changing at school.  My kids would loose their head if it weren’t attached.  I label everything now.  NameBubbles offers so many options from write-on to preprinted or combination of both.  Daycare moms I love their bottle choices, check them out.

Raisels- Raisin candy.  Say what?!  Sour flavoring on raisins makes great treats for the kids and happy parents knowing ingredients and a candy alternative.

Hasbro- Board games are a part of my childhood past time.  Seeing Mouse Trap, one of my favorites I can’t wait to play with the kids. During the school year we are “unplugged” weekly with very few exceptions.  Old school play with boardgames, crafts and family bonding is where it is at.  With our recent move to rental, we will begin playing once unpacked.   Perfection, Down Spin and Sculpt It are the other awesome additions to the board game closet.

Staples- I am always in Staples, I do have an obsession with folders, notebooks, pens and planners. Also with backpacks, and discounts for teachers (me!!), we make several trips here throughout the summer to stock up on the sales throughout the summer.  I just picked up one of the plastic folders I use for the kids where there are no seams for splitting.  Staples had it.

Twelve Little– Lunch bags, backpacks and diaper bags, they have you covered for all stages.  At the back to school event, we decorated lunch bags with iron-ons.  I made one for Jack, he needed one this year, and during raffles I won a matching backpack, all set!

Orchestra- A European clothing line coming into the United States that also includes a subscription plan to receive even cheaper prices then marked already.  Fits infants through elementary school aged kids.

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