Apple Moms of Ulster County Monday: Francesca

Apple Moms of Ulster County Monday: Francesca


We would like you to meet, Francesca Karl, our Apple Mom of Ulster County, and 25 year old mom of one 3 year old boy and they live on a farm.   We thank her and her family for being featured today.


What does a typical day look like for you? Our day begins snuggling in bed before coming downstairs to eat breakfast and head outside to help Daddy on the farm.   It is a struggle to get inside for lunch and then I try to get him down to nap while I start dinner.  When he wakes up we play and eat before starting our bedtime routine.

What is your favorite memory of being a mom so far?  I love watching him interact with all the animals on the farm and I love when he’s half asleep and says he loves me out of the blue.   Just recently we had a calf born that needed some T.L.C. so we brought him in the house to warm him up and get him energized, my son cuddled right up with him and then shared his favorite stuffed animals “lovies” with the calf and told him “it’s ok I’ll take care of you”.


What is a funny mom moment you have had? One time when I was exhausted and caring for my little one while trying to get some shopping done at Target I put a fedora on top of my baseball cap to make him laugh. I forgot and was wondering why people were giving me odd looks until I got to the checkout counter and the cashier asked to ring up the fedora!

In your free time what do you like to do?  It is quite limited but if I do get any I like to read and write letters/cards to friends and family.

Current favorite show you are watching?  New Girl or Hart of Dixie

Book you are reading now?   The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball and The Book of Awesome by Neil Pasricha

In your county where are you favorite places to go with your kids/family?  We love walking around Water Street Market in New Paltz – it’s such a neat place with a great community of people as well as Majestic Park in Gardiner

What makes county special?  Ulster County is great because there is plenty of open space and nature so that when you want to get some alone time and/or enjoy the scenery you can, however within 25 minutes you can be in a number of different towns/cities where there is plenty of dining and culture. Not to mention you can be in Manhattan in under an hour and a half. IMG_2679

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