Apple Mom of Westchester County Monday: Jenny

Apple Mom of Westchester County Monday: Jenny



This week we have Jenny from Buchanan as our Apple Mom of the Week.  Check out what she is sharing about herself and her family.


I am the mom of an 8-year-old boy named Johnathan. He is a typical 3rd grader, and a true boy! He sure does keep me busy and on my toes, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. He is the reason I’ve rushed home from work for the last 8 years of my life. I am often asking myself, “How did time pass so quickly?”

My day:

A typical day…. well I can say that today is never the same as yesterday! Everyday is slightly different from the next. Since Johnathan spends time between my home and his father’s, I feel like it’s to be expected. There are set days that he spends with a babysitter, days he’s with his father, and a day each week that he spends with my family. My alarm is set for 5AM every morning. It is my coffee time, my thinking time and the time when I plan most of my daily and weekly ‘to-do’ lists. On a good morning I accomplish my coffee, a shower, and breakfast before I wake my son. His routine is pretty easy. He eats breakfast like a king while watching some cartoons. When he’s done, it’s a quick run-through of showering, getting dressed, teeth and hair, and he’s done. Can my mornings be that simple please? Some days he is lucky enough to play a bit while I finish throwing myself together, and out the door we go.

While he’s at school I am managing an office for a mechanical engineering firm. I sometimes feel like a ‘jack of all trades.’ From typical clerical functions to spending hours at the drafting table there is never a dull moment. This has been a wonderful starting point for me while I take the steps toward earning a project management certification down the road. By 5:15 early evening I am out the door and on the road to get my boy. Some evenings there are appointments or planned activities and others it’s a free schedule. Sometimes dinner is on the fly and other nights its planned meals and eating at home. No matter how those few hours pan out, we’re home and ready for bed by 8:30.

Mom memory:

My favorite memory of being a mom so far is certainly not my first but it is one I can revisit when I close my eyes. I always cherished the calm personal moments I had with my son in the middle of the night. I looked forward to his cry of hunger or the fussiness of a dirty diaper. I’d happily scoop him up and snuggle him in the rocking chair. Something about the middle of the night made time with him really special, peaceful, and to me, pure bliss. It was our bonding time.



My off the top of my head ‘funny moment’ dates back to April Fool’s Day 2014, the first time I think I really pranked my son. Check out this photo…it’s the face that gives it away! Thank you Pinterest for this amazing ‘Grilled Cheese!’ I had the pleasure of whipping it up with quick pound cake and orange frosting for an after school snack. Hahahah

Free time:

Huh? What is that…just kidding! When I do have some free time I find myself organizing something. I guess I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of a good mess, most of them I make myself, but its fun to organize. I also have a slight obsession with the perfection of folding and if you don’t know what I mean then you should YouTube folding videos. You can not imagine the space that’s hiding in your dresser drawers.

Current favorite TV show:

When it’s just me watching, I’m throwing on any reality TV show because I am absolutely guilty of enjoying drama that isn’t mine! Once in a while though my son and I will watch some Shark Tank for cool inventions, or Storage Wars. We like to take bets on who bought the best profitable unit .

Favorite place to go in town/county: 

Background of photo is “The Sleeping Indian”


For many years I have enjoyed the Riverwalk at Croton Landing Park in Croton-on-Hudson…for me it’s scenic bliss. I love being so close to the Hudson River, which holds some of my favorite childhood memories. There’s approximately 2 miles of walkway that runs along the water, it truly is a gem in Croton which I love having so close to home.

What makes this town/county so special?

“The Sleeping Indian,” seen from Croton Landing Park. However, you can see it from many places east of the Hudson River. It’s beautiful and speaks back to my family’s Native American heritage, which is my son’s father’s side as well. But what sticks out the most about the beautiful silhouette of this sleeping Indian and his massive headpiece in the hills is the man that pointed it out to me. My father, who has been my angel in the sky for the last 16 years. When I was little he showed this to me the first time on our boat, it took me just seconds to lock my eyes on the description he gave me and to this day, whenever I’m near the river, I find myself looking for it.



We want to thank Jenny for sharing a glimpse of her life with us.  I never knew about “The Sleeping Indian” and must check tout this spring! -Apple Mom Karen

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