Apple Mom of Rockland County Monday: Lauren

Apple Mom of Rockland County Monday: Lauren


This week’s Apple Mom is on a mission, a great mission.  Lauren is a mom of 2 beautiful boys: Brian 4 years old and Andrew 7 months old.



What does a typical day look like for you?  I have a pretty basic working mom day.  Andrew is still waking up for night feedings (I know, I know, we’re working on it).  I get myself and the boys ready for our day until my angel friend, Laura comes over and dives in to help.  Soon after her arrival, I head out to work and sculpt young minds for the day by teaching them to read.  After work, I rush home to squeeze my boys and our evening routine of dinner, baths, cuddles and relaxing time begins…cuddle time being the best part of my day!  Once everyone is asleep I start my own homework and catch up on hubby time.  Then, I get some shut eye before Andrew is awake for some extra cuddles and night bottles.

What is your favorite memory of being a mom so far?  Is there really only ONE of these?  I suppose it was watching Brian light up when he met and cuddled his new baby brother.  I’ve always known that Brian was a precious boy with a golden heart, but watching him embrace his role as big brother has been magical.  My boys are just perfect.

What is a funny mom moment you have had?  This is a hard question…we have had lots of laughs.  I think when you have young children, funny and disgusting go hand in hand.  My most recent (favorite) funny moment  involved my 4 year old, Brian.  He brings his own doctor bag to all of his appointments; there tend to be a lot.  His pulmonologist, Dr. K, was checking Brian’s ears, nose and throat and offered to let Brian use his own kit on the doctor afterward.  While Brian was examining his ears, Dr. K asked, “Well, what do you see?”  Brian’s quick and witty response was, “Lots and lots of potatoes!!”  I highly doubt Dr. K will be letting his ears be examined by any four year olds again.  Ha ha.

In your free time what do you like to do?  I’m not sure I have found the balance for this quite yet.  Ha ha.  I enjoy going to dinner with my husband and catching up with some great and supportive girlfriends.

Current favorite show you are watching?  I am usually bound to watching Thomas the Train, Peppa Pig and Max & Ruby.  When I actually have control of the television remote I usually watch mindless reality shows like Real Housewives of … anywhere.  I also like to watch Kitchen Nightmares, which makes me gag and never want to eat out again!


Book you are reading now?  Momaholic: Crazy Confessions of a Helicopter Parent…The reason why is probably self-explanatory.  My friend Anna gave it to me.

I also read any kind of information regarding Ataxia-Telangiectasia, a rare disease that my son, Brian has been diagnosed with.

In your town/county where are you favorite places to go with your kids/family?  We love to spend time outside, (weather permitting).  Simple things like exploring local parks, the pier, bike riding everywhere, and just walking.

What makes town/county special?  The support that our town/community shows our family is what makes it so special.  People around here are genuine and kind.

Anything else you want to share?  Take the time to learn and care about rare diseases.  Without awareness, there is no funding.  Without funding, there is no research.  Without research, there is no cure.  Without a cure, there is no hope.  We appreciate your help working together to be sure that there is always HOPE.  #hopeforbrian

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