Apple Mom of Rockland County Monday: Ashley

Apple Mom of Rockland County Monday: Ashley



This weeks Apple Mom is Ashley Chippa of Rockland County.  Ashley is a mom of a two year old son and from New City.

What does a typical day look like for you? In the morning I wake up and search the internet for potential homes for sale that fit our buying criteria. I answer emails and usually email my realtor if I come across any leads. (I am planning on getting my real estate license this year as well). After Samuel wakes up and has breakfast, we get ready and go to the gym, mommy and me, or the library.  Along with being a mom I am a small business owner so it makes for a busy day!  Then we run errands for the business. I flip and renovate homes, so we are often at Lowes and Home Depot!  After that we come back for lunch and play some more, then I work during Samuel’s nap doing paperwork and making phone calls. We live with my parents, four dogs, and two fish…. So we are a busy crew to say the least! Samuel is very energetic and lively, keeping us all on our toes. After dinner, bath, a show, and reading books my husband and I go over bills and paperwork for the business.  Last we set goals for the following day.


What is your favorite memory of being a mom so far? There are tons of favorite memories, but right now I am enjoying the fact that we moved back to New York to be near our family. Each day it is amazing to watch my son be with his grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. When we lived in Maryland it was like we were missing an important piece of life. I would not trade it for the world!

What is a funny mom moment you have had? Recently Samuel has been obsessed with Pirates Booty as a snack. We were in the middle of the store and he has a very loud voice, and he was screaming “boobies, boobies!” Little did I know he was asking for pirate’s booty, but I am sure some parents had some thoughts about my son. 😉

In your free time what do you like to do? I enjoy working out, being outside when it is not so freezing, walking my dogs, and hanging with friends!

Current favorite show you are watching? Right now it is between the Walking Dead and Shameless.

Book you are reading now? Goals! By Brian Tracy

In your county where are you favorite places to go with your family? Now that we are back in Rockland I am always looking for new places to go! I love going to the park and the beach. We plan on taking Samuel into the city more as the weather warms up. We also love hiking with our dogs, so I think Harriman State Park will be a great place for the spring time!

What makes town/county special? I love the fact that Rockland is close enough to the city but also far enough away to be considered a suburb. New City is a tight knit community with a wonderful school system. I am blessed to have many family members and friends still local, so to me that’s the greatest gift our family could have.

Anything else you want to share? Being a mom is great! Hoping to have more little ones in the near future.
Ashley’s Business Information: <br)
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A & C Home Buyers, LLC  New City, NY 10956
A&C Home Builders- Facebook
The Rockland Real Estate Investment Association- Facebook
(914) 90-BUYER Call us… we buy houses FAST!!!
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