TRAVEL: 5 Things to Do in Myrtle Beach

TRAVEL: 5 Things to Do in Myrtle Beach

We spent Columbus Weekend in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  This was our first time vacationing in Myrtle Beach, and we became curious after hearing all friends talk about Myrtle Beach over the years.  We took a chance and flew down, I highly suggest renting a car or having a car while down here.  We have spent a fortune in Uber and Lyft rides, all rental cars were rented out unfortunately. This trip was a mix of pleasure and press.  Johnny D’s, Kayak Tour, Wonder Works and SkyWheel were hosted, discount was given for Pirate’s Voyage.  All opinions are our own and honest.

Our Top 5 List:

  1. Sky Wheel– A HUGE enclosed Ferris Wheel on the boardwalk.  On a clear day you can see up and down the beach for miles.  At night this Ferris Wheel lights up bright colors.  A tourist attraction for sure, but one you have to do.
  2. Johnny D’s Waffle and Bakery– This was the best place we ate all week, especially breakfast.  We ate big here, and were full through lunch.  The cupcakes were delicious too.  Chef Jamie is trained from the CIA up here in Dutchess County too, a mom and can be found walking around checking on her guests. Lines are generally out of the door, but the wait is well worth it.
  3. Broadway at the Beach– Which is not on the Beach at all is a must do for eating, entertainment, shopping and feeding the famous fish.
    1. We LOVED eating at Paula Dean’s.  A set menu served family style, you pick 3 meats and 4 sides and then eat up.  We were full just after the first round.  A great price for adults and kids, we ate early before the dinner rush.  If there is a wait, add your name to the list and shop while you wait.
    2. This Starbucks drinker was happy they had one here, there are not many in and around Myrtle Beach.
    3. Dinosaurs The Exhibition–  On a hot or rainy day this is the perfect place to stop in for a while (1 hour max).  Walk through and answer questions about when the dinosaurs roamed the world, you can touch many of these animatronic creatures.  In the back middle there is a fossil dig and play-set for the younger kids.  We sat there while the kids rain and got sweaty.   Finish with more dinosaurs and then a fun green screen for family photos and ride on dinosaurs that make a fun video of the kids riding a dinosaur through Myrtle Beach and more.
    4. WonderWorks–  We LOVE WonderWorks, it is great for a rainy day, or day out of the heat.  Inside you need at least 3 hours, to see all the exhibits, everything is interactive and teaches you fun facts.  Starting in Natural Disasters before the other six sections and on the four different floors.  The top floor features a Ropes course which we spent 45 minutes on and redemption arcade.  There is also Laser Tag, which is included in base price.  There are simulation rides, an interactive fact book to find answers of questions throughout WonderWorks. Myrtle Beach’s location also features an outdoor zipline and outdoor ropes course which can be purchased separately or in one combo ticket for the ultimate experience.  We did not do outdoor attractions during on our visit because they were closed and the heigh/weight requirements were above my youngsters (6 & 7 years old) ones.
  4. Kayak Tour with Black River Outdoors– Roughly 30 minutes away from the beach area, this Kayak tour took place at the Cypress Swap/Cox River Wildlife Refugee Preserve.  A guided 2 hour tour with your choice of solo or tandem kayaks (for those with little ones).  The guides pointed out turtles, birds, frogs and spiders while on the look out for snakes and alligators all morning.  We did not see an alligator which I am still not sure was a good or bad thing, the kids said they really wanted to see one, but not the snakes. We left and returned dry, with some new tan lines.  The guides were knowledgeable and answered any and all questions while joking around with the kids. 
  5. Pirate’s Voyage-  This dinner and show was incredible family fun.  90 minutes of high energy, with a pre show so arrive early.  We arrived at 7pm for the 8:30 show, take group photos, which are then shown to you while enjoying the before show entertainment which includes a real sea lion.  The kids can choose to be made up like pirates or mermaids for $20 which includes accessories, flags for the side you are sitting on and more. This was a great experience and souvenirs for the kids in a one shot deal.  The menu is fixed and you will be full, soda and water is included but other options are available.  We sat in preferred seating front row, and had interaction from the pirates doing flips right in front of us.  This excited the kids.  We loved the experience and would see it again.  


5 thoughts on “TRAVEL: 5 Things to Do in Myrtle Beach”

  • Great article about some wonderful places to visit. And just to clarify, its Broadway AT the Beach, not ON the beach…and it is indeed, at the beach.

  • We’ve been to the Pirates Voyage every year for 3 years and lo e it. The last year we went, the kids chased the ducks! Broadway on the beach is fun, the golf there is great and they have the place like Harry Potter that the kids love!]

  • We updated that on to AT. As far as AT the beach it was over $20 in Uber from our hotel on the beach, so we do not consider it to be actually at the beach. “At the beach” would be on the ocean. We still enjoyed Broadway at the Beach.

  • Not that you would know this, but the locals refer to anywhere on this side of the waterway as “the beach”.
    But I concur with you…I never really liked the name.

  • It’s deceiving to out-of-towners/vacationers, especially those used to beach areas. Personally I am used to Jersey, Delaware, OC Maryland and VA Beach- Myrtle was way different. The weather was great in October and ocean warm, but the set up was much much different. -KP

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