5 Must Haves for Second Time Moms

5 Must Haves for Second Time Moms


2nd time moms

While registering for your first child, you thought you needed everything; wipes warmer, bottle warmer, fancy clothes and a million gadgets.  When it comes to your second child, you are a little more seasoned.  Although New technology and research creates new products with features that weren’t available a few years ago.   Here are some of our top picks for must haves for the Second Time Moms:


Chicco Polly Progress 5 -in- 1 High Chair

Now that we have more stuff in the first house with the first child, finding products that have more than one function and take up less space is a must.  Enter the Chicco Polly Progress 5 -in- 1 Highchair.  This chair can do everything.  It can be a newborn recliner, infant high chair, toddler booster, big kid booster and youth stool.  And it folds up nicely for easy storage.

Newborn Recliner:  Right now the newborn recliner position is perfect for us.  Little sister is able to join us at the table and participate in family activities.

Chicco Polly Progress 5 - in - 1 High Chair


The infant high chair, toddler buster and big kid booster will come in handy as she grows up.

Chicco Polly Progress 5 - in - 1 High Chair Chicco Polly Progress 5 - in - 1 High Chair

The youth stool can be used right now for big sister.  Easy for her to get in and out of.  And the whole unit folds nicely to be stored when not in use.

Chicco Polly Progress 5 - in - 1 High Chair Chicco Polly Progress 5 - in - 1 High Chair

Philips Avent Breast Pump

What a lifesaver!  This time around I knew that I wanted to exclusively breastfeed.  We supplemented with first daughter some and I really wanted to try not to this time.  That been said, the first week was rough.  The baby had a shallow latch and lanolin can only do so much.  I needed a break.  The Avent pump was a lifesaver.  Just being able to pump through one feeding helped to heal me quicker.  It was easy to use and clean.

Philips Avent Comfort Pump

The Avent Essentials Set helps to get me through the day.  There are breast pads to use during the day and night, thermogel pads that help stimulate breast milk flow when warm and soothe and provide relief when cooled, and even a booklet to track feedings, sleep and diapers.

Philips Avent Comfort Pump

The milk store bags are easy to use and store.  The bags self stand to make for easy transfer.

Aquaphor Baby Wash and Shampoo

When trying to wash little sister with big sister needing help, a product that does it all is key.  I just don’t have time for multiple products.  Aquaphor Baby makes a wash and shampoo that is amazing.  It lathers nicely and is fragrance and paraben free.  Head to toe in one step makes bath time so much faster.

Updated Diaper Bag

With a 5 year age difference, I had moved from a diaper bag to a regular purse.  Now that there are two children, I needed something bigger again.  I had the traditional diaper bag for the first child but it just wasn’t going to fit our life style this time around.  I am a huge Vera Bradley fan and fell in love with their Stroll Around Diaper Bag.  There is a pocket on the outside that is perfect for quick access to my wallet, keys and phone.  It has a changing mat that can be accessed from the outside and there is no need to search through the main compartment in the middle of a poop explosion.  The best feature, the stroller straps!

Graco SnugRide 35 and SnugRider Elite Stroller

Because of the age difference, our original bucket car seat had expired.  We loved the Grace SnugRide the first time around so it was an easy choice this time.  What we didn’t have was the Elite Stroller.  Since I am making the school run twice a day, the light weight stroller makes for a quick in and out.  I am also PTA Treasurer and am in the school multiple times a week.  Little sister is safe and snug in the car seat and placed right in the stroller.  I don’t have to worry about transferring her to a conventional stroller, especially when she falls asleep in the car seat.


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