2016 NY Baby Show Top 3 Picks

2016 NY Baby Show Top 3 Picks

imageOn Sunday Casey and I attended the annual New York Baby Show.  It’s been a few years since we have had babies, but with one on the way for her, and the editorial point of view, we were eager to check it out.  Each year new and repeating vendors and companies participate and we participated in the MomTrends Blogger Lounge too.

Our top three items we were in love in with, which is a tough pick since there is so many different categories for baby gear were:

  1. Chico High Chairs: These have changed so much since I purchased everything in 2010. I had to find, buy and store a high chair, booster seat, toddler seat/ stool.  Storage was a big issue, to have is accessible but not cluttering the whole kitchen/house. They have EVERYTHING you need in one and collapses for easy storage in one piece. Easy to clean, bring with you. WINNING!image
  2. Savor Keepsakes Boxes: The new baby book/school time capsule. It’s hard enough to function with a new baby and keeping up with their milestones. This keeps the work out of it. Just place the papers in the folders and drawers, it will be there later for when you have time to go through it.image
  3. Stokke Carrier: My favorite carrier for front or back for newborns to three years old. The sleek style is made for comfort and moms or dads can both use with ease of a few adjustments.  I had tried a few and this was my pick.

If you have not been, next year make this a must do, typically the same weekend in May each year.  This is a great place for all expectant moms and new moms too.  Check out and try strollers and other products before purchasing.

I want to thank MomTrends for the invite and entertainment before and after visiting the Baby Show Floor.  I love checking out Handwriting Techniques and testing them, the eats and just a great place to regroup and catch up with friends.


Disclosure: We were invited to the New York Baby Show by MomTrends as media.  Some photos supplied by MomTrends. 

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