2016 Monster Jam

2016 Monster Jam

imageMonster Jam was at MetLife in NJ for their NY/NJ stop of the tour on April 23rd. Our third time seeing them, (second at METLIFE), and each time there is something new. Where else can kids see their toys come to life in front of them as my kids say.  Seriously, real trucks doing the stunts my kids make their Monster Jam trucks do on the floor of their bedroom, back flips, flying off jumps and rolling over multiple times yet still landing on the wheels.  Add in the loud noises and fireworks for special effect.

image image image

Arriving at three, we entered the Pit Party, once again the kids loved standing next to the trucks and seeing tires taller than them.  Charlotte wore Jack’s first from last year and had new signatures from drivers added to it.  This year LOWES had a Build and Grow workshop set up, free Monster Jam truck with purchase of MJ Yearbook.  You could then take home or build there, of course we chose to build there.  Supercross and BMX riders entertained on jumps, HONDA had an experience set up for kids. along with tons of Drivers and Trucks out of take pictures with.

Lowes Build and Grow
Free Truck with Purchase of Monster Jam Yearbook


Lowes Build and Grow
Finished Monster Truck Project

The show started with qualifying races between the trucks.  Freestyle Stunts by the trucks and donut making.  The tires were flying, literally 3 tires broke off and rolled away from the trucks.  The kids loved watching the crew teams come out to the rescue, flipping trucks over, town them off or pushing the tires off to the side.  Pit crew deserves cheers too!  Hot Wheels took the win for Free Style, we thought he did great!

New Truck! Gas Monkey Garage from Fast N’ Loud


The big event was Max D jumping 6 fellow Monster Trucks. He DID!! I don’t know what would have happened if he didn’t other than wrecking other Monster Trucks. We had a great family outing, next time Monster Jam is in town you will want to see it!

Household Favorite: Monster Mutt
Monster Energy in mid air
Gas Monkey Racing

image image


Stayed tuned to Monster Jam and find out when Monster Jam will be near you this year.  A must go for kids and adults alike (Pit Party Pass is highly suggested with little ones).

Check them out on TwitterInstagramFacebook and Youtube too!

Disclosure:  I received tickets for my family and I to see Monster Jam in exchange for a honest review, no other compensation was received.

Monster Jam KPROCMOM
We Love Monster Jam!

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