20 things to do with kids for FREE


Looking for some fun FREE things to do with the kids, ANYWHERE: your backyard, park, in house, car, etc?  Look at this list for some ideas and start checking them off!

  1. collect rocks (then paint them)
  2. in house scavenger hunt (or a big game of I SPY)
  3. build a tower with your bowls, cups and food storage (plastic of course!)
  4. turn large boxes (diapers) into a car, rocket ship, house
  5. obstacle course in the backyard, use trees bushes to run around and jump over
  6. Dance party in the car- radio up and sing too
  7. visit the local fire station and see some trucks
  8. make your own bubbles (check out pinterest) 
  9. find bugs outside (lightening bugs are a favorite find)
  10. find a new playground (drive to a new town)
  11. story time at a local library (or try and new one)
  12. puddle jumping- after the rain or make your own outside
  13. barefoot walk outside, describe what it feels like
  14. write your own story and draw pictures to go with it
  15. play musical instruments in the kitchen with pots and pans
  16. jump on the mattress (take it off bed first) great way to wear them out
  17. build  living room/playroom cave with blankets, cushions and pillows
  18. Paper airplanes- use paper in recycling bin and see how far it can go
  19. make a track/road on the floor with masking tape
  20. kitchen karaoke- who said a spoon isn’t a great microphone